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Ugly house to lovely house with george clarke

George clarke matches some of britain's most unloved houses with some of the country's leading architects, who join cutting-edge conception to a tight budget, proving that great design doesn't have to cost the earth.

Genre: Reality

Country: UK

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 0

Season 1 - Ugly house to lovely house with george clarke
"Following the transformation of a 70s house in the Vale of Glamorgan."
"A Berkshire home is transformed, to be made bigger to fit a ever-expanding family."
"Sue and Simon's awkward house is revamped, inside and out, by architect Laura Jane Clark, including a moved staircase, a revolving wall, skylights and a new paint job outside"
"Architect Will Alsop designs a dramatic barrel-vaulted extension for Tammy and Stuart's outdated bungalow in a West Sussex village. Will the neighbours approve?"
"In episode five, Architect Jo Cowen helps Denise and Ali give their uninspiring Croydon council house a new lease of life"
Season 2 - Ugly house to lovely house with george clarke
"George is joined by leading architects to help transform some of Britain's most unloved houses into desirable properties. In the first episode the team meet Simon and Lisa, who recently bought a building in rural Gloucestershire in such a shoddy state that neighbours compared it to the house in Amityville Horror. George teams the couple up with creative architect Laura Clark, who attempts to turn this terrifying building into a warm and welcoming, modern home, whilst retaining some of its original character."
"In the second episode, George Clarke is joined by leading architects to help transform a house belonging to Nick and Sonia, an appallingly designed flat spread over three dysfunctional car parking spaces. George charges award-winning architects Abigail Ashton and Andrew Porter with creating something beautiful from this monstrosity. But working with a budget of \u00a375,000, can they transform this foul flat into a proper home with two floors? And what will the pair's neighbours make of the drastic changes?"
"George challenges innovative architect Greg Blee with transforming an impractical, upside down house with a mishmash of living spaces for Martyn and Sally. The building is so badly laid out that to get from the kitchen to the garden you must go through the master bedroom, but can Greg create a design that works on Martyn and Sally's budget of \u00a365,000?"
"Architect Chris Dyson helps Wendy and Allan in Colchester, who are desperate to transform their horrible-looking 1960s home into something more modern. Adamant that the house needs a drastic makeover externally and a major reconfiguration internally, can Chris satisfy their high expectations while sticking to their \u00a3150,000 budget?"
"Sheffield architects Howard Evans and Prue Chiles set out to transform Mandy's 1980s redbrick house, which stands out like a sore thumb among the grand Victorian properties it sits alongside on Nottingham's prestigious Park Estate. The duo are familiar with unlocking the potential of buildings, but this could be their biggest challenge yet."
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