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Iron Resurrection

It doesn't matter whether it's a busted out bike or a rusted out roadster, Joe Martin and his crew are hard at work giving vehicles another chance in life.

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 7.4

Season 1 - Iron Resurrection
"Shag and Amanda return from the road with a classic 1962 Chevy Stepside truck that Joe plans on transforming into an ultra-cool, ground hugging Fleetside. The team at Martin Bros Customs wrestles with Joe\u2019s vision for the truck as they resurrect it into a show-stopping, eye-popping piece of drivable art for an upcoming car show."
"An old family friend helps Shag and Amanda bring home a 1964 Lincoln Continental, one of Joe\u2019s favorite cars, without breaking the bank. With one of the most popular show and shines in the state of Texas on the horizon, Joe and the team work hard to take the rusted wreck from shabby to a shiny new four-wheeled pearl."
"Joe and his team get the chance to refurbish a 1973 Pontiac Firebird that\u2019s been damaged by fire. This build requires resourcefulness as the guys start from the ground up ditching many of the original parts for all new Martin Bros Customs modifications including a custom roll cage and a new rear spoiler built from scratch. Like a phoenix from the ashes, this burnt bird is getting an all-out restoration so it can fly once again."
"It\u2019s a walk down memory lane when Joe ditches four wheeled machines in favor of his first love \u2013 a souped-up Softail\u00ae motorcycle. He works with the guys to build it from the ground up, complete with a custom fuel tank, exhaust system and frame. Meanwhile Shag and Amanda are on the road, having fun hunting for parts for a moneymaker milk truck build."
"Shag and Amanda trek through Texas to find a build worthy of the Martin Brothers\u2019 touch. They bring back a busted 1964 Cadillac De Ville that Joe helps into a big-bodied beauty of a convertible. After, Joe and Mike head to the marina in search of a boat to flip for some quick cash. But trouble with the boat\u2019s engine and a ton of hidden rust on the De Ville could spell trouble for the crew."
Season 3 - Iron Resurrection
"Gary Hopper, a longtime friend of Joe, brings a '55 Chevy Bel Air to the shop. Because this '55 has sentimental value to Gary's family, the pressure is on to do this build right. But missing pieces and a dented hood throw a wrench into the job."
"Joe Martin can't believe his eyes. It's a straight '63 Impala with a four speed and legendary 409 engine under the hood. The owner wants to keep it original with the main mods under the body, new frame, suspension and big wheels."
"Shane, a new customer, comes into the shop with an exceptional 1963 Cadillac. This car screams luxury but needs an upgrade. With Shane giving the MBC team creative freedom on the build, Joe gets to work on a plan. New engine, new wheels and a new interior"
"Return customer, Lee Farris comes to Martin Bros with a real gem, a 1956 Chevy Bel Air. This was Lee's first car and he wants to bring it back to life. The first thing Joe notices is the outdated flame paint job."
"Joe Martin loves to push the limits. When a customer rolls into the shop with a 1950 Mercury Coupe, Joe Martin knows exactly what he wants to do, chop the top. It's a high-risk custom that could destroy this classic. This build will push MBC to the edge"
"With the 1950 Mercury successfully chopped, the rest of the work can begin. The MBC team now has to marry the old roof with the new geometry of the newly chopped body. There's angles everywhere & they're all out of whack. Joe and the team go into surgery"
"Joe Martin loves Novas. His eyes light up when a new customer, Eric, wants him to customize a 1972 as a tribute to his brother, if they can find one. Shag and Amanda hunt down a '71, in what appears to be mint condition."
"oe Martin and his crew are always under the gun, but their latest build, a '71 Nova is well behind schedule and they have a ton of work to do. Joe's really going to town on the metal work on this car, inside and out."